PASSION FOR GRACE | Bethel AG Church | Rev. Johnson V | 17th March 2024 @ 8:00 am (IST)

Today's Praise & Worship:

Lord Jesus was passionate about Grace. His grace is available abundantly for those who put their faith in Him. Of course, His Grace is given not to stay in sin but to overcome sin and become a channel of grace to others. if you want to learn how to operate in grace and experience a changed life, watch this sermon by Rev.Johnson.

0:06: ⛪ Exploration of the divine attributes of Jesus Christ through biblical study for spiritual growth.
11:41: ⚔️ Overcoming obstacles with grace and a restful attitude to achieve success.
17:28: ???? Importance of allowing guidance from the Lord in daily life to avoid negative influences and distractions.
23:03: ???? Embrace God's grace, trust in His provision, and avoid arrogance in faith.
29:26: ???? Importance of speaking lovingly and respectfully in relationships to avoid contempt and negativity.
35:30: ???? Importance of being polite and kind in interactions, leading to positive outcomes and experiences.
41:12: ???? Embracing gratitude and valuing what you have leads to a life transformed by God's Grace.
47:27: ???? Hymn

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