How Did I Get Here? | Travis Greene | Elevation Church

In “How Did I Get Here?,” Pastor Travis Greene of Forward City Church teaches us not to allow what we can’t see to silence our praise.

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0:00 - Don't Miss Elevation Nights!
0:38 - Quit Waiting For People To Validate You
4:08 - How Did I Get Here?
10:20 - When Your Sight Is Failing
13:58 - God's Confident In The Word He Gives You
16:42 - It's All A Setup
20:03 - Don't Let Circumstances Dictate Your Praise
22:17 - Trust That God's Got This
25:36 - Is God's Hand Still On Me?
28:05 - Marked By God
30:16 - When You're In The Dark
32:38 - Lacking Vision
34:44 - Speak Above "Them"
37:10 - Take It Off!
39:10 - You Won't Miss God's Next Move
41:05 - At About Midnight
42:49 - You Are Going To See Again!!

Scripture References:
Mark 10, verses 46-52
John 9, verses 2-3

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