Cutting Room | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

In “Cutting Room,” Pastor Steven Furtick reminds us that our situation might be bigger than us, but it’s not bigger than our God.

Ghost Writer is a brand-new series about making sense of your story through the lens of the Holy Spirit.

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0:00 - Acts 4
4:35 - Cutting Room
7:20 - What Should I Leave In Or Leave Out?
11:46 - How Do I Respond To The Attack?
15:37 - Join Me In The Cutting Room
18:30 - The Review
21:11 - Who's With You In The Cutting Room?
24:32 - You Need God To Help You Review It
27:24 - Stop Processing In Your Head
30:01 - Cut The Enemy's Words Out
33:38 - Let Heaven Help You Edit
36:55 - The Reframing
40:55 - Step 1: Go Wide
43:30 - This Is Bigger Than Me
47:00 - Step 2: Go High
49:04 - God Is Bigger Than This
52:22 - This Is God's Story
56:22 - The Release
59:40 - God Has Final Cut
1:03:50 - An Opportunity For Salvation 

Scripture References:
Acts 4, verses 23-31

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Cutting Room | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church
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