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Powervision is a Malayalam Christian TV Channel with its Studio Complex and play-out station at Tiruvalla, Kerala State. Powervision Channel is unique for Christian Devotional Variety Programmes.

Powervision reach 100+ countries in Asia, Australia, Europe and America etc. through INTELSAT 17, IPTV & BOM TV.

To Educate
Powervision looks to inculcate religious values into the minds and hearts of its viewers. It exposes the viewers to the spiritual, historical, theological and ethical traditions of Christianity across the globe.

To Empower
Empowerment through the spiritual power which is the divine energy God is willing to express in and though us. This is the divine authority we needed to carry out the work God has called us to.

To Enlighten
Spiritual enlightenment is the fundamental goal of most spiritual practices that one undertakes. Enlightenment marks the culminating point of ones practice, one feels unity of soul with everything, all the mental and physical engagements left aside.

To Entertain
There are certain value based programs which refresh the mind of the people. So the troubled mind will be diverted and engaged into an activity of gaining insight or intelligent growth.

Many channels in India utilize Television as a platform for spreading their spiritual and religious views or ideology. Since the maximum impact of any message, social or otherwise, can be accomplished through this medium, Powervision has chosen to invest in the same and broadcast their message effectively in the country. Thus, the channel Powervision was came into being and officially launched on 06 February 2006.

Powervision is a channel with a vision to inspire and motivate people into a higher standard of life, spirituality, moral values and empowering the poor and downtrodden. We are giving utmost importance to ethical and moral values, which are a prime focus behind every programs and shows aired on the channel. The channel also offers a bouquet of entertainment and infotainment shows, focusing on music, family, women and children, health, spirituality and religion, among many others, making it relevant for all age groups and people from all walks of life.

The growth potential of the viewership is ensured by the support of more than 10,000 congregations and its members of this community.

The company’s mission is, “Communicating the message of God’s love, compassion and mercy through the Lord Jesus Christ to the nations by sharing the Word of God, Presenting Biblically sound, culturally appropriate and attractive programs to improve the character of people and quality of life of our nation through mass media.”

Discipling the nations through effective mass media is the ultimate vision or aim of the Powervision TV.

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