Nimathi illa Neram Official Music Video I Priscilla Ziona I Sionin Anbu I 2023 Tamil Christian Song

Surely God is my salvation;
I will trust and not be afraid.
The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense.
He has become my salvation.”

Song Title : Nimathi Illa Neram
Releasing Date : 09.04.2023
Time : 7.00 PM

Album | Sionin Anbu

Lyrics & Tune | Sis. Priscilla Ziona

Sung By | Sis.Priscilla Ziona

Music Composed By | Bro. M.Daniel Daff

Violin | Bro.Bavalan

Rhythm programming | Bro. Daniel

Guitar | Bro.John

Keyboard Sequence Composed By | Bro.M.Daniel Daff

Mixing and Mastering | Bro. M.Daniel Daff @ Grace Music Production

Main Cast I
Sis. Priscilla Ziona
Sis. Angeline Hannamika

Minor cast I
Bro. Kalidasa
Sis. Santhi
Sis. Shalani
Sis. Pooja
Bro.Paul Andreson
Bro. Edwin Andreson
Bro. Roy
Bro. Jeya Jestus
Sis. Suwati

Drone | Bro.Jason

Design | Bro. Jeeva sathyanathan

Crew :-
Bro. Jason
Bro. sharven sk

Arrangement, Subtitles & Story choreography I Sis.Priscilla Ziona

Cinematography & Editting I Bro.Prakash Parthipan

Musical Video Production | Bro.Prakash Parthipan @ Canaan Creative Studios

Special Thanks To :-
- My Beloved Abba Yeshua
- Sis.Magdalene
- Sis.Angeline Hannamika
- My Dearest Family
- Everyone who had supported and contributed in this production.

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