Learn How to Pray Tabernacle Prayer with Dr. David Yonggi Cho

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If you want to pray more effectively, then learn how to pray with Dr. Cho in this DVD. According to Pastor Cho, Tabernacle Prayer is a biblical method to worship God and receive more anointing. I've prayed this way for over 10 years and have seen firsthand the transforming power of this truth. Compared to many bible studies, Tabernacle Prayer is a superior way to get the core truths about Jesus Christ into your heart and put them into practice. I (Derek Packard) consider Tabernacle Prayer the best discipleship method available anywhere. Tabernacle Prayer is the testimony of perhaps the most successful Christian leader in modern history (in my estimation). Pastor Cho says that Tabernacle prayer is the most important prayer God taught him. Watch this video and learn why. Share it with your Christian friends. Go to http://Tabernacle-prayer.com to download the handout. Also, you can purchase the DVD on Tabernacle Prayer with Pastor David Yonggi Cho. Share this video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpAUjNmuRzg
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