Karthane Em Thunaiyaneer - Cathrine Ebenesar | Samuel Melkisedek (Penned by Late Dr Emil Jebasingh)

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Isaiah 43:1-3
The Lord Says, ‘You are mine’, He continues, ‘I’m with you’. Remember that ‘You are his. He calls you out by your name, you are his and He is with you forever’.

Presenting you, an epic melody from the hands of Late Dr.Emil Jebasingh. He has written a number of songs which can move hearts, One such is 'Karthane em thunayaneer'. The Original Version of the song can be found here,
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The Original song and its copyrights are reserved by Kairo Consultancy ([email protected])

About this video,
Vocals – Cathrine Ebenesar
Keys & Arrangement – Samuel Melkisedek
Bass Guitar – Blesswin
Acoustic & Electronic Guitars – Franklin Simon
Woodwinds – Jotham
Rhythm Programming – Vasanth David & Amos Raj
Recorded @ 20Db Sound Studios by Avinash Satish
Audio Mixed & Mastered by David Selvam, Berachah Studios
DOP – Arun Abraham, AM Photography
Post Production – Gershom Arul, Big G Media
Production – Cathrine Ebenesar, The Harpers Productions
Special Thanks to the entire crew for their constant support and patience.
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Eththanai idar vanthu sernthaalum
Karththanae adaikkalamaayinaar (2)
Manumakkalil ivar polunndo
Vinn ulagilum ivar siranthavar

Karthanae en thunaiyaaneer
Niththamum en nizhalaaneer
Karthanae en thunaiyaaneer

Sutraththaarum kaalaththiil kulirnthittar
Nambinorum ethiraaga vanthittar (2)
Kolgai kooriyae palar pirinthittar
Aiyaa, ummaippol naan engum kandathillai

Karthanae en thunaiyaneer

Paavi endrennai palar thallinaar
Aavi illai enrigazhnthum vittar (2)
Raajaa um anbu enaikandathu
Ummaippola naan, engum kandathillai

Karthanae en thunaiyaneer

Aayiram naavugal neer thanthaalum
Rajanae, umai paadakkoodumo (2)
Jeevanai umakkalikkinrenae
ummaippol aiyaa, engum kandathillai -

Karthanae en thunaiyaneer
Nithamum en nizhalaneer
Karthanae en thunaiyaneer
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