An indispensable sermon for life and ministry || Reinhard Bonnke

This sermon by Reinhard Bonnke will transform any believer into a mighty threshing vessel in the hands of God!

The sermon is centred on the indispensable power of the Holy Spirit in preaching the gospel. You will be filled with the Holy after listening to this sermon by Reinhard Bonnke!!!

God's anointing upon Believers or Christians never goes stale. This video will enlighten you on how to put the anointing you had received into work and if you had never received the power or baptism of the Holy Spirit, you will in this video.

May you be filled with the Holy Spirit as you listen to this sermon in Jesus name, amen!!!

Your brother in Christ,
Chris Orji

PS: Check the pinned comment for link to the book mentioned in the video, "EVEN GREATER" by Reinhard Bonnke

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